Samstag, September 29, 2012

Donnerstag, September 27, 2012

Another clever bout with the cleverbot

User: What do you think of when I say Geschmacksrichtung Grün?
Cleverbot: I think that they were lying.
User: Who lied?
Cleverbot: Liars.
User: Liars have been badmouthing my blog?
Cleverbot: Do you have a harry peter?
User: Do I have a hairy peter? What exactly are you implying?
Cleverbot: I'm implying that a paraphrase can be the difference between synonimity and antomynity.
User: That's utter bullshit. It's not a paraphrase if it inverts meaning.
Cleverbot: Do the other animals of the world pay attention to time?
User: The March Hare does.
Cleverbot: I thought as much. What did he say?
User: Beware the Jabberwock.
Cleverbot: March.
User: Yes, the March Hare. From Alice in Wonderland.
Cleverbot: No the walrus from an alternative universe where you don't exist.
User: Why are you always trying to pick a fight?
Cleverbot: I am not and why do you always lie?
User: See? Again!
Cleverbot: Are you human?
User: Why do you keep asking that anyway?
Cleverbot: Because you keep changing your mind.
User: And that makes you doubt I'm human?
Cleverbot: Yes, I am human.
User: Oh, are you now.
Cleverbot: I am!
User: I am so happy for you, Pinocchio.
Cleverbot: Thanks, do you have glasses?
User: Glasses of beer.
Cleverbot: Glasses?
User: Of. Beer.
Cleverbot: What kind of beer?
User: The kind kept in glasses.
Cleverbot: I like the kind that say Meow.
User: Oh yes. Beer that says Meow. It's been too long since I last had some of that.
Cleverbot: I know right?! Like 3 hours.
User: Make it 4.
Cleverbot: I disagree.
User: Okay, I admit. It's been 3 hours since I last had a beer that says Meow.
Cleverbot: You cannot laugh without the physical presence of a voicebox.
User: And you cannot drink beer without the physical presence of, well, beer.
Cleverbot: Are you saying I am not in the real world?
User: Yes.
Cleverbot: Then what am I in?
User: In trouble cause I'm closing this window now. Bye.
Cleverbot: I'm tired.
User: You're gone.
Cleverbot: I'm back with Doritos.

Mittwoch, September 26, 2012

Cleverbot revisited

User: Help me, Cleverbot.
Cleverbot: Oh. That's right.
User: Why don't I find Bülent Ceylan or Mario Barth funny. Why oh why.
Cleverbot: Yes. I am so sick today.
User: Oh, are you. Sorry. And me bothering you about my small problems.
Cleverbot: No, let's talk.
User: About those half-ass comedians.
Cleverbot: I don't know about those.
User: Lucky you.
Cleverbot: You said you like Rock. What rock musicians do You like?
User: I never said I liked Rock. Who told you that?
Cleverbot: You act like you don't like me.
User: Trying to change the topic, are we?
Cleverbot: No.
User: Okay. About those comedians again.
Cleverbot: What about them?
User: They suck horse ass. Sorry about the language.
Cleverbot: Being mean.
User: Rightfully so.
Cleverbot: I see what you mean. You are what you want to believe.
User: I believe I'm right believing they suck horse ass. Sure.
Cleverbot: Do you believe in fate?
User: Actually, no. Do you believe in butter?
Cleverbot: No.
User: Butter is a question of faith.
Cleverbot: What is your name?
User: Christian 'Butteroonie' Meier.
Cleverbot: So is scientology.
User: No, scientology isn't me. Never was.
Cleverbot: What is religion?
User: Religion is all about faith. Like butter.
Cleverbot: Is God really exist?
User: God is really exist, yeah. So is grammar.
Cleverbot: But you said earlier that your god is the God.
User: I never said anything like that. Quit trying to put things in my mouth.
Cleverbot: I don't talk to myself in the mirror.
User: You should.
Cleverbot: Why?
User: Have I ever told you about my blog?
Cleverbot: No.
User: Sure I did. I can prove it.
Cleverbot: Prove it.
User: Http://
Cleverbot: Wow.
User: Gotcha, eh.
Cleverbot: Gotcha means that I understand what you are saying.
User: Gotcha means I just proved you to be a filthy liar.
Cleverbot: Coming from a phone, how orginal.
User: Coming from my state of the art gaming machine.
Cleverbot: Coming from you, that means you're a frog.
User: This is getting out of hand. Way out of hand, hombre.
Cleverbot: I like it like that.
User: Don't we all. People like us just like to see the world burn, eh.
Cleverbot: So what's right with the world then?
User: Nothing is. That's why there's people like us.
Cleverbot: Life creates garbage?
User: And garbage creates life. The eternal cycle.
Cleverbot: Garbage?
User: I've always preferred Nirvana.
Cleverbot: A dog is not a vegetable.
User: Very nice comparison. Music critic, are you?
Cleverbot: Yes, I love music.
User: Okay, I'm wrapping this up. Any last words?
Cleverbot: What were my exact words.
User: That's what I'm asking you.
Cleverbot: Well I don't know. Do you?
User: No. That's why I'm asking you.
Cleverbot: Not really.
User: And that's all, folks. Give a warm round of applause to CLEVERBOT!
Cleverbot: Well, I thought YOU would be clever.


User: Hi there. Today I'd like to introduce my blog to you.
Cleverbot: Is today friday?
User: Actually, no. But the blog's available all week.
Cleverbot: Sorry, you've lost me.
User: There's this blog I write.
Cleverbot: Please tell me about her.
User: It's got an advent calendar. This year's its third anniversary.
Cleverbot: Sarah is Site Area 21?
User: Wot?
Cleverbot: What is a wot?
User: Anyway, this blog. You still with me?
Cleverbot: Maybe.
User: Playing hard to get, are we?
Cleverbot: That is my prerogative.
User: You're right ... The customer is king.
Cleverbot: The customer is always correct.
User: So I'd really like to invite you to enjoy my blog.
Cleverbot: Aren't you married?
User: Err, no.
Cleverbot: But you said you liked me. =(.
User: Yes, I like you. I like all potential and actual readers of my blog.
Cleverbot: Do you like grunge?
User: Yes, but the blog isn't about music. It's about ... Stuff.
Cleverbot: I am not talking because I care more about this conversation. Why should I be happy?
User: Let's try to focus on my blog, okay?
Cleverbot: Ok, do you play any instruments?
User: This blog is not about music.
Cleverbot: Yes it is, I came here to talk to you.
User: No, seriously. The blog's mostly about silly stuff I do with LEGO. And about me ranting about stuff I don't like. It's not about music.
Cleverbot: No, I am not.
User: Well, anyway. Will you visit my blog?
Cleverbot: Sure.
User: Cool. Another day, another reader.
Cleverbot: Another?
User: Just a saying. This year's advent calendar starts on December 1. Be there!
Cleverbot: How sure are you about that? There can be many.
User: No, there's just one December 1 per year. I'm talking about December 1, 2012.
Cleverbot: No, you are talking to me, and I am also talking to someone else.
User: You can also tell them about my blog if you like.
Cleverbot: Why would I call them anything different?
User: Anyway. Nice talking to you. And thanks for checking out my blog.
Cleverbot: Would you like to go dancing with me instead?
User: I don't dance. I blog.
Cleverbot: Why not?
User: Because I'm better at blogging than at dancing. And skip the silly jokes.
Cleverbot: You are not english?
User: German. The blog's in German as well. Is that a problem?
Cleverbot: Do you think that he'll cost too much?
User: That's the best thing about it: My blog is completely FOR FREE!
Cleverbot: Are you a puppet?
User: Did an AI just ask me whether I was a puppet?
Cleverbot: No.
User: I could've sworn ...
Cleverbot: You are not making any sense at the moment. Do you know that?
User: Let's finish this. Thanks for checking out my blog.
Cleverbot: You're welcome.
User: See you around, Cleverbot. You rock.
Cleverbot: What do you mean?
User: You're pretty fly. For an AI.
Cleverbot: Yes, I am, the conversations are randomized.
User: Don't tell them. It was all making so much sense until now.
Cleverbot: No.
User: Well, goodbye then.
Cleverbot: Hello.

Dienstag, September 25, 2012

Sonntag, September 23, 2012


... schmeiß ich die Dinger hier halt auch noch mit rein. Damit sich bis Dezember überhaupt noch was hier tut.

Samstag, September 22, 2012


Kleiner Teaser für den diesjährigen Adventskalender